About us

Maintaining traditions is our way of innovating.

We are a perfume house based on the relentless pursuit of upholding traditions in the making of perfumes and incense. Our heart and mind are drawn to the purity and every one of our products strives to bring that purity to your senses.

We come from the thought that if perfume doesn't take you on journeys down memory lane, then it's not perfume at all. Scents are meant to make the mind travel, and only the most artistic of combinations or the purest of oils have this gift of lifting you and making you float away into distant lands and times..

Al Attaari handmakes all their incense, perfume, and creams in-house, using the purest yet sustainable ingredients.

Our pure Oudh oils and perfume oils are sourced from the oldest distillers, that still make perfume oils using the labor-intensive techniques of a faraway time.

Purity, unique and lasting signature scents is what you are buying into at Al Attaari.

Come, lets journey together..